Our production of butterflies

Breeding butterflies to export pupae worldwide for exhibitions.

As I established the first butterfly breeding farm in Ecuador 25 years ago and passionate for butterflies since childhood, I wanted to breed my own butterflies. This is the best way for our visitors to observe hundreds of butterflies, flying freely in a greenhouse, whatever the climatic conditions. As well as this visit, I also organize hikes in the forest to observe butterflies in the wild.

Discover our farm

In order to breed thousands of butterflies, we have built a greenhouse covered with a net on each side and it is also protected from heavy rain by a transparent cover. We have divided the farm into three parts: the nursery of potted tropical plants or plants directly planted in the soil, the caterpillar area where each species is bred under a light canvas, and finally, the two flying areas where adults reproduce and lay their eggs.

Breeding butterflies for exhibitions

The first objective is to breed butterflies that are exported at the pupae stage to butterfly greenhouses in Europe, North America and Russia. Every week, small boxes containing these butterflies are sent abroad. This activity is in agreement with the regulations of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment. Some of the butterflies remain on site to ensure on-going breeding and to be admired and photographed by our visitors. We regularly release butterflies to compensate for the few butterflies caught early in the forest.

Release butterflies for events

Some of our butterflies can be released at events, such as: weddings, parties, mall opening-days; especially "the Monarch (Danaus Plexippus)", a migratory butterfly and present throughout Ecuador. We can also provide live butterflies for movies.

Visit of the butterfly greenhouse

The guided tour begins with a general presentation of the project at the entrance of the greenhouse. You can then observe a few caterpillars in one of our 110 farming cubes and walk through the two flying areas where hundreds of butterflies are hovering among the visitors as well as mating, laying eggs and feeding on flowers or fruits.

Volunteering and woofing

We are always happy to receive volunteers wishing to work from 3 to 6 months in our organic farm. The work involves assisting in butterfly farming, plant cultivation in order to feed butterfly caterpillars and also helping in our cocoa plantation. For more information you can visit: wwoofindependents.org

Cocon d'amour - Chrysalis and butterflies

"Cocon d'amour" this natural fiber cocoon keeps a beautiful chrysalis ready to give you all the care and love until its birth, an amazing gift idea for companies, embassy events, inaugurations, graduations, births and other important moments!

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The other activities of the Quinta de Goulaine

Discover also the other activities you can find at the Quinta de Goulaine

Guest house

Guest house

The Quinta de Goulaine is an untouched tropical forest of 50 hectares at 460 masl / 1,510 fasl. We have refurbished our wooden house, built a large bungalow to receive our guests. At the entrance of the property, you will discover our tropical fruits, our cocoa plantation and our butterfly farm.

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Tourist activities

Tourist activities

The place is ideal to rest and relax; however, several activities are available for nature lovers. For safety reasons you will be accompanied by a guide who will do his utmost to show you an amazing diversity of the local wildlife.

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Organic cocoa

Organic cocoa

The western part of Ecuador is famous for its cocoa. In partnership with a French chocolatier, we wish to develop a chocolate made in our property, a vintage of a specific "terroir" since, until now, it only exists a regional chocolate.

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